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At Burrow Blasters USA, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. Stay up-to-date on our latest company news right here. Here at burrow blasters we have the latest the safest and the most efficient equipment anywhere, are equipment moves up   it does three things assesses you point your I saw the flash of the tunnel which burns the oxygen and propane 100% clean and makes it a green process the second thing it does this put off a concussion that kills the Gopher and the third thing that happens is that it totally will collapse of tunnel and all the holes. This is the greenest and most efficient way of treating gophers. Here at burrow blasters we are excited about making our custom Gopher baskets to any size that will last in the ground more than 50 years this will be constructed of a netting wire that in gophers cannot in any way dig through this netting is tough and Gibby custom design for your trees and bushes your smaller plants you will see this product and the pictures of very soon. Also were very excited here at burrow blasters that you will be able to have a burrow blasters T-shirt and any size there's nothing like it anywhere and like the rest of our equipment of this T-shirt will be very nice also will be available very soon.

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Burrow Blasters USA operates seven days a week!!

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