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Burrow Blasters USA has been in business since January of 2010.  





We have designed and created customized equipment at Burrow Blasters USA.  Our designs focus on efficient and safe service. 


Phone: 619 758-5780

This is an ATV  customized by Burrow Blasters USA. At burrow blasters, we have the latest technology in equipment that makes this extremely efficient and there is no time wasted. Burrow blasters has all the equipment that is customize by burrow blasters. With our unique equipment the Gopher shovels that we use allows burrow blasters to get into a tunnel quickly and efficiently so that we effectively collapse all of the tunnels and kill the Gophers.

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Burrow Blasters USA operates seven days a week!!

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Burrow Blasters USA


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San Diego County, California

Phone: (619) 758-5780                                                                                     

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