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Are burrowing pests like gophers and squirrels destroying your lawn or turf?  Are they killing your fruit trees and your plants?  Are they creating unsightly mounds and digging hazardous tunnels and holes? Let Burrow Blasters USA take care of the problem.


We use a safe, humane and environmentally friendly process that does not involve the use of chemicals, pesticides, or traps. We are the first company in San Diego County to control bothersome burrowing pests the green way.  We specialize in treating golf courses, playing fields, ranches, farms, private residences, and municipal properties.    

Our process involves an on-site inspection  of the property to identify the pests and to determine the extent of damage caused by their tunnel systems.  The freshest tunnel systems are located and marked.  After gaining access to existing tunnel systems, a series of underground blasts are released into the tunnels.  These blasts are created by a precisely measured combination of oxygen and propane.  The resulting concussion instantly kills the targeted pests and collapses the tunnels.  The collapsing of the tunnels prevents immediate re-infestation.  The first application generally results in a 90% or better kill rate.  After initial treatment, periodic maintenance is recommended.

Burrow Blasters USA is back!!!!  I am fortunate to have recovered from receiving  a kidney transplant back on March 30th, 2022!!  I am strong and ready to go!!!  Call us!!!!

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